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At Juridia, we know that life has its ups and downs and that you will need to make some important decisions along the way, especially if those decisions have legal implications. Our team is committed to using its expertise to compassionately and professionally guide you in making your decisions.

Family Mediation

A breakup can have serious consequences. You should know that it is possible to work out the details of a separation in a spirit of cooperation. With an objective look, a mediator can assess your situation and needs, so that you can make informed decisions and regain your balance.

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Procédures non contentieuses

Non-contentious matters

A “non-contentious matter” is a matter that is not challenged. Matters that can be taken care of by a notary include application for a name change, homologation (court approval) of a protection mandate, opening of protective supervision, and even a request for judicial acquisition of property rights.

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Immigration et visa

Immigration and visas

Whether it’s for an application for a permanent residence or for immigration, or for a travel or work visa, your notary can walk you through the various steps.

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Droit de la famille

Family law

Family is probably the most important thing in life. Make sure to seek advice from your notary on decisions that could have a significant impact on your family life.

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Droit des affaires

Business law

When going into business, you have to choose which type of business will meet your needs. Your notary can guide you in choosing a business that suits you best.

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Droit des successions

Inheritance law

When you lose a loved one, it is crucial to contact your notary to help you make the right decisions and to ensure that your loved one’s final wishes are honoured, and this, within the time frame required by law.

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Power of attorney

There are a number of ways to anticipate the unexpected. Your notary can point out to you the options available to you to protect yourself and your family in the event of incapacity on your part.

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Last will and testament

A notarial last will and testament can avoid a number of unpleasant surprises for your heirs.

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Droit immobilier

Real estate law

For most people, purchasing and financing a home is the biggest investment they’ll ever make in their lifetime.

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